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2016-12-24 07:31 pm

cn enstars' icons!

Hello! I just made some icons from Chinese Ensemble Stars' exclusive cards. Feel free to use for personal purpose! ;)

(All the characters belong to Happy Elements)

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2016-02-24 10:22 pm
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Trignal - ESCOLTA Romaji lyrics

Artist: Trignal
Album: One step forward (2015)
Lyricist: 古屋真
Composer: 山元祐介
(jp lyrics are taken from here)

a little note: i've became attached to this song thanks to ansuta's producer collab project site which used this song as bgm *v*
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2016-02-12 03:12 pm

woof woof

So i've tried this today and got the cute wolf as result www
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2016-01-31 09:26 pm