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chai ([personal profile] adorukiable) wrote2016-12-24 07:31 pm

cn enstars' icons!

Hello! I just made some icons from Chinese Ensemble Stars' exclusive cards. Feel free to use for personal purpose! ;)

(All the characters belong to Happy Elements)


adori 2x2

adonis 2x2 2

kaoru 2 x 2

midori 2x2

midori 2x2 2


eichi 3x3

izumi 3x3

izumi 3x3

ritsu 3x3 2

ritsu 3x3 2

adonis 3x3

koga 3x3

kaoru 3x3 2

kaoru 3x3

chiaki 3x3 2

chiaki 3x3

rei 3x3 2

rei 3x3

midori 3x3


subaru 4x4

eichi 4x4

ritsu 4x4

koga 4x4


subaru 5x5