adorukiable: (laughyasu)
chai ([personal profile] adorukiable) wrote2016-02-12 03:12 pm

woof woof

So i've tried this today and got the cute wolf as result www
I kinda like the result, but there are some things that i see unfit for me *laughs* like "good at making conversation". I honestly am very awkward at socializing. I am rarely able to keep up the conversation and it is often for me to take godawful long time to reply to chats/texts/messages, since i'm concerned much about my choice of words, "does it even make sense", "does this sound appealing" exactly these kind of thoughts. Also, "indifferent to public opinion and custom" ??? That depends on certain occasions actually, because there are some times when i don't agree to what most people in my community say and there are times when i do. Well, that's how life works, right.

(and why am i taking this seriously this is just for fun right www)..